Matching Meetings With Destinations in a World of Too Much Choice

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If there’s one canon that can be considered unassailable in the meetings and events industry it is this: No two meetings are alike. There is no one size that can fit all, even two, engagements. Every project requires its own plans and those plans, budget in hand, often start with choosing the location.

Destinations and venues are as varied as the world’s cities and geographies. Not every meeting or event needs a beach. And likewise, not every leisure resort has what it takes to make a meeting effective. Falling in love with a destination does not mean the meeting you have in mind will work. But a little passion is a nice thing to have and goes a long way to framing the right mindset and meeting goals. How do you find the right balance and make the right choices?

Matching events up with a place means understanding the goals of the meeting or event and who the attendees are.  

It begins with considering the key factors involved in site sourcing. There are five:

  • Type of event
  • Budget
  • Number of delegates
  • Accessibility
  • Appropriate surrounding and infrastructure

In this whitepaper, we will explore each of these.

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