The Challenges and Rewards of Meeting Themes – A Case Study

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A conference or event can be many things. It’s almost like building a city from scratch, turning on the electricity and watching it come to life before tearing it down to leave only shadows of memory.

But that is also the fun, the challenge and the path to growth. In the meetings world where anything can happen, planners are Meeting Event Goals with Creative Flair. They get to be the genies that make cities out of air, create meaning from imagination and progress from lessons learned. The point is to provide a forum where like minds meet because it is only within this environment of engagement that problems are solved and new ideas are born. Stoking this process is the energy of the planning teams—the brainstormers and idea generators that take meetings and events from walled rooms to wowing places of possibility, all with the power of theming.

But three days of glad-handing and networking is usually six months in the making and comprised of a host of moving parts that start at arrival at the airport and don’t end until the last guest goes home. We know with that comes many challenges that planners have to face. Challenges with how the theme originates and evolves, challenges in working with the venue… perhaps the client themselves. And what about one of the biggest challenges we all face —the budget!

In this case study, we take a look into one of our recent event designs. We’ll look at some of the challenges the meeting theme presented, how they were solved and what unexpected lessons were learned from the execution of the project.

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