Pleasant People, Rich Culture: Latin America is Gaining Global Recognition

Tikal, Guademala, Latin America

Across the industry, more and more event organizers are selecting Latin American destinations, and it should come as no surprise: the region is rich with authentic cultural experiences and hospitable personalities.

As new generations desire more to connect with local communities, explore culture contrasts and imprint a social legacy to every conference, incentive program or meeting, the deep historical backdrop and cultural flair of Latin America is a perfect match.

What Sets the Region Apart
Consisting of nearly two dozen countries and dependencies, the region is made up of more than 600 million people whose Spanish and Portuguese languages prevail. Positive human relationships and interactions are key for driving successful businesses and events in the region. The disposition of the local population can be an asset. It wouldn’t be surprising if the concept of networking was born in Latin America, where warmth, community engagement, solid friendship and service culture are intrinsic values. The people of Latin America take the time to build relationships and always include a personal touch — something that some say is lacking in other countries around the world.

With their willingness to go the extra mile and their seemingly always positive attitude, the people of Latin America are able to deliver fantastic meetings and events each and every time.

Regional Stability
cable car over Brazil, Latin AmericaLike many destinations, Latin America is not without security or perception challenges; however, the issues around the region are quite similar to those encountered worldwide. A basic understanding of the local geography can alleviate many preconceived worries; for example, what happens in one specific area of one of the countries isn’t representative of that country or the region as a whole. Potential social demonstrations connected to the political environment in Latin America testifies how vibrant and involved local communities are, and shows how they are able to voice their opinions in important policy matters.

Regarding economic landscape, in recent years, many countries across the region have formed partnerships in an effort to improve business opportunities. Countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico are now partners through the Pacific Alliance, combining their strengths in various economic, academic and social fields facilitating interaction with North American, Asian and European markets. Mercosur, which can be found in the southern cone of Latin America, has a similar economic partnership as part of the Central American Alliance.

For global organizations looking for regional expansion — whether it be growing educational outreach, increasing international memberships or developing multi-national content — cities such as São Paulo, Guadalajara, Santiago, Montevideo, Buenos Aires or Bogota make perfect destinations for conferences or colloquiums.

Between the beautiful and historically significant architecture, friendly people and rich culture, Latin America is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations for events.

Whether you’re ready to dive into the details of planning your next event in the Latin American region or you’ve still got many unanswered questions and are just not sure where to begin, reach out to me. We’ll talk more about the area and together we can discover if the possibilities of moving your event to this ever-growing region is right for you.

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