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Stay in the Know: Top 5 Global Event Trends

What’s trending around the globe in the events industry? With the help of our international partners, we investigated the current state of the field and… Read More

Making the Most of Meetings in Latin America: A Strengthening and Maturing Region

Already one of the meetings industry’s fastest-growing destinations, Latin America doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Not only are some of the biggest names in… Read More

GDPR: What We’re Doing for Compliance and How it May Affect You

Concerns regarding data security and privacy continue to increase around the world. Corporations and organizations, as well as governmental departments and nation states, are all creating… Read More

How Safe is Safe? Sorting out Security Protocols at Your Next Event

At a recent mega-conference in Las Vegas—CES2018—the dogs were out. You could not have packed more people into the 2.7 million square feet that is… Read More

Pleasant People, Rich Culture: Latin America is Gaining Global Recognition

Across the industry, more and more event organizers are selecting Latin American destinations, and it should come as no surprise: the region is rich with… Read More

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