TraffickCam – A Smartphone App That’s Helping the Travel Industry End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a critical problem and horrific crime, and the travel industry is in a unique position to help fight it. From supporting industry-wide initiatives like The Code to organizing our own Walk for Freedom, Maritz Global Events is proud to support efforts to end human trafficking.

Earlier this year, we launched the TraffickCam app to our employees. The app, developed by The Exchange Initiative, enables hotel guests to help combat trafficking by uploading photos of the hotel rooms they stay in when they travel. The app helps law enforcement by helping to create a database of photos that can be compared to photo evidence during investigations of suspected human trafficking.

How can the travel industry leverage TraffickCam in their efforts to end human trafficking?

  1. Start using it yourself! You can download the app for free at the TraffickCam website, or from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. It’s simple to download, and easy to use. If everyone in the industry started using it, we’d add thousands of photos to TraffickCam’s database.
  2. Get your company’s leadership involved. By integrating use of the app into corporate culture, we can all make a real difference in the fight to end human trafficking. For instance, our president, David Peckinpaugh, uses TraffickCam everywhere he stays, setting a powerful example for the rest of our team.
  3. Encourage companywide adoption. How many nights a year is your team on the road? Just imagine how many photos they could help contribute to the TraffickCam database. At Maritz Global Events, we’ve integrated TraffickCam into our training for new hires, travel directors and other employees who routinely stay at hotels.

Our employees and partners have become passionate advocates as we work together to end human trafficking. We encourage you to use TraffickCam to join us in the fight!

For more information on TraffickCam, and how you can use it to help, visit

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